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Coordinate transformation from WGS84 to YU Gauss-Kriger system
was encoded by Mr. S. Maksimovic, in 1/9/2001, for  necessaries of the company ''Balby International" and
was adapted by  Mr. Pavle Babac Ph.D. Civ. Eng., in 4/12/2001, for necessaries of reality usage and for
concrete scaling problems.
The WEB software application was designed by Mr. Aleksandar Stojadinovic.

Copyright 2003 Balby International All rights reserved.


WGS: (N) Latitude  ( 40 to 50 degrees with decimal )
WGS: (E) Longitude ( 15 to 27 degrees with decimal )

YU-Bessel Latitude ( degrees with decimal ) YU Gauss-Kriger Coordinate X
YU-Bessel Longitude( degrees with decimal ) YU Gauss-Kriger Coordinate Y
  Degrees Minutes Seconds
YU-Bessel Latitude
YU-Bessel Longitude